getting to know me

Hello there lovely people, how are you today? (Or if no one is reading this, then hello void!)

If you can’t guess, I am Maddy, and this is a place where I’m sharing bits of myself and working out who I am. I’m currently in the midst of my final year of university and haven’t had much time for myself, so I hope that this can be a bit of an outlet for self-expression.

To get started, I might share a few facts about me…

* My MBTI type is INFJ; I’m introverted, love to help others and want to heal the world.
* I love reading more than writing, but I have a million story ides that I’d love to persue.
* I’ve been studying primary education for the past four years; teaching has been a huge passion of mine since I was about five.
* Some of my favourite shows are Community, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Pushing Daisies, and Yuri On Ice.
* I have a twelve (almost thirteen) year old sister.


Maddy xxx


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