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pyjama dance party


To put yourself in a good mood that lasts the whole day, I strongly recommend pyjama dance parties. Get up, let the sun shine in your room, and dance and sing along to your favourite music.

I thought I’d make a little playlist of some of my favourite pyjama dance party songs!

Walking on Sunshine // Aly & AJ
Dancing Queen // Mamma Mia Movie Soundtrack
I Got Nerve // Hannah Montana
Why Not // Hilary Duff
ABC // The Jackson 5
Love Myself // Hailee Steinfeld
Shout Out to my Ex // Little Mix
Mmmbop // Hanson
Bring it all Back // S Club 7
Elle Me Dit // Mika
C’est la Vie // B*Witched
Every Single Night // Computer Games



Maddy xxx

let’s talk about asmr

Define: ASMR
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

To put it simply, ASMR is a really nice, sometimes tingly, feeling you get when you experience a sound, physical feeling or visual stimulus that is just the best thing ever and makes you feel like you could melt into a puddle of bliss. I am particularly sensitive in terms of sensory processing, which can be awful if something is, for example, too loud, but it means I respond really well to ASMR videos.

I often struggle to sleep, and it’s usually what calms me down and keeps flashbacks away, so I have been watching ASMR videos for a while. These are some of my favourites…





I hope you enjoy these!



Maddy xxx

booktalk: the green mile

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

My favourite stories often happen to be the saddest.

I am a complete crybaby and scare easily, so¬†The Green Mile is the only Stephen King novel I’ll probably ever read. It is told from the perspective of a man who works at the state penitentiary, and follows the lives of his colleagues and the inmates, including Mr. Jingles, an incredibly talented mouse, and John Coffey, a 6’8 man who has been charged with sexual assault and murder, but has a life-changing gift.

I’ve read this three times, having read it for the first time early last year, and I always forget how it moves me. The characters disgust me more than Dolores Umbridge, make me laugh aloud, and make me want to treat the world with so much love and kindness.

I give this a 99% rating.



Maddy xxx

movietalk: the little prince


Last night I finally got around to watching The Little Prince and, to put it simply, it was life changing.

For those unfamiliar, the original story is told by an aviator who has crashed in the Sahara Desert. There he meets the little prince, a child from Asteroid B-612 who has visited many planets and met a variety of odd adults; he has left behind his rose, whom he loves dearly, to travel through space. The movie follows a similar plot, but is told from the perspective of a little girl with a very strict mother who lives next door to the aviator.

The film itself is one of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced in quite a while. The soundtrack curls inside me and around my heart, moving me completely. I especially love the song Suis-Moi by Camille. I’m also completely in love with the animation. The smoothness of the CGI was nice, but I’m still stunned by the paper-like animation during the story of the little prince. I also adored the scene with the glowing paint, and the glowing stars, because of how incredibly the light was animated.

The timing of where I’m at in life and the watching of this movie somehow (I’d like to think fate was involved) coincided very nicely. I’m almost at the end of university, and I’m struggling to accept the fact that I’m growing up. However, the aviator made a fantastic point: growing up is inevitable, but as long as I remember who I am, including my child-self, then I shouldn’t become one of those grown ups.

Long story short, this movie has reminded me to appreciate who I am, and that I can thrive as an adult by holding on to those parts of me. I’d quite like to live like the aviator.



Maddy xxx