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surprise sunshine


This morning (20/6) was very dark and rainy. The type of rain that’s heavy and blows about in all directions. I hung the washing up undercover, yet much of the clothes still got soaked; the rain insisted on going everywhere.

But then, around the mid-afternoon, there was sun, dancing across my backyard. It was warm, and the rays soothed my weary mind and body. I painted the sun in my journal to document this feeling.

My cat had other ideas and wanted to rub her face against my paintbrush, nearly tipping over my water glass in the process. Then she decided to sit on it for a while, and let me photograph her.

My cat can go on to tell all her animal friends of how she sat on the sun.



Maddy xxx


meet lily


I thought I’d introduce to my darling Lily. She’s been in my family since I was maybe seven and, if you can’t tell, I absolutely adore her. Today she’s taking advantage of the sun in my bedroom. She’s been on my windowsill, done some typing on my laptop, and is now asleep on my desk.


Maddy xxx